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We must remember that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values by men and women who believed they would win their independence from England, the most powerful military force on earth at the time, with God’s help in their hearts. We must never do less. We can bring our divided nation back together, we can overcome the undaunting obstacles ahead of us, but we cannot fight this battle hoping to win but rather we must fight believing we can win, and we must do so with all our heart.

It is having God’s help in our hearts that will give us the strength and courage to fight for what is right and justice. We must not stand ideally by waiting for God to present someone special who will be able to single handedly bring this Nation back to its original intent. No one person can accomplish such a daunting task. We must take to heart the fact that we are all that someone special sent by God to repel the evil corruption that has overtaken our Nation. If we are willing to stand together, with God’s hand to lead us, we will find triumph over the demons which have embedded their tentacles around our once proud and free Nation. 


 We need more men and women of faith willing to engage in the public square. No candidate becomes a good person or a good conservative after the election. They must be a good person and a good conservative before being elected to office. We must remember, the Constitution is the law of the land and culture is more important than government.

We must be mindful that we have a Democrat Party using government to change our culture and thereby changing our view of and expectations from the government. We know we can stop the attempt to change our culture (i.e., Bud Light, Disneyworld, etc..) but we must be willing to stand up and say “NO” and refuse to accept un-American woke culture and ideologies. We must never-ever give up, we must never give in, and we must never accept anything less than that which we, as American citizens, are entitled to under our Constitution. We have been asleep far too long and it is time for us to wake-up, stand-up, and fight because the United States is worth fighting for. We must never give in, never give an inch, never allow the federal government to take away our rights.


Our fight is to, not only save our Judeo-Christian Constitutional Republic but to save our Constitution as written and intended by our Founding Fathers; to inspire the next generation to love and appreciate our Constitution and to continue the fight to preserve our Constitutional Republic. If we fail to save and inspire the next generation, then we have failed the United States, and our Republic is lost. The United States Constitution is an idea and concept worthy of fighting for, even to our deaths. It is considered to be one of the most important and significant governing documents created in world history. 

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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Apr 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Speaking of our culture, even our elections, we’re being overrun, invaded, from the southern border. Maybe the north as well. I read this morning that the Latinos coming in at the south are a smoke screen for the Arab Muslims, even Chinese techs, entering our country. Our own government is allowing this to happen to us. It seems fairly quiet now, but we’re being surrounded by danger. Be vigilant. Be prepared.

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