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Good vs Evil

The United States’ governing role in distinguishing between what is good and bad is in conflict. Once thrusted government departments and agencies are no longer neutral or non-partisan. There no longer is any thrust, that thrust has been rendered null by rogue and corrupt elected leaders who do not or cannot lead with honor and integrity.

Our cities are marked by turmoil and crisis. The United States government seems oblivious to our country’s imminent dangers, reminiscent of the pre-9/11 atmosphere. Americans apathic attitude can no longer recall the unity and resolve that emerged after 9/11.

The United States must regain its “moral clarity.” It simply is not good enough merely to differentiate between good and evil. United States citizens and those elected to represent the citizens must dedicate themselves to ensuring the triumph of goodness over evil.

My new book "American Insanity" now available as pre-sale at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please check it out.

Addresses the corrupt & criminal acts occurring over the past 10 years in Washington, apathetic attitude of citizens & solutions to fixing problems.

Reflects on political insanity overtaking the US as a result of citizens failing to keep vigilant over our politicians, resulting in a America rapidly slipping away never to be experienced by future generations. Insanity we are now living with while we transform into a Marxist Nation.

A failed 2 party political system that no longer supports/protects our Judeo-Christian values; parties who have lost their moral compass, strength & courage to stand against those who would see our Republic fall; elected officials who lack the leadership, statesmanship, & moral character to set-aside their power-hungry appetites in order to unify America, save our Constitutional Republic, & our Judeo-Christian values; & the lack of leaders with the will, strength, & courage to serve “We the People” with honor & integrity.

Thank you!

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Unknown member
Nov 05, 2023

You are spot on. The only thing I would add is, in this battle of good vs. evil, God vs. Satan, we Must stand up against both domestic and global threats for what we know is right. God will protect us. Iran, China and Russia have a Major propaganda campaign to unite the Islamic countries against America, Christian and Jews. I pray that more people start to understand that and start using whatever gift God gave them to fight His battle. Thank you for producing such amazing work! Respectfully, Tara

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