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The Iowa House State Government Committee passed the Convention of States application for an Article V convention on Wednesday by a vote of 12-11, advancing the resolution to the full House for debate.

The committee's decision follows a series of hearings, including a subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, in which former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum delivered an impassioned testimony in support of the bill.

“There’s no solution except the one that’s in the Constitution,” he declared, urging the committee to push past opponents’ fearmongering and embrace the Founders’ solution to federal overreach. 

“Fear is not a solution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Convention of States Co-Founder and Senior Advisor Michael P. Farris, fresh from testifying in Ohio the day before, made a swift journey to the Hawkeye State to lend his expertise and answer legislators’ questions. Although the resolution easily passed through the committee without questions, Farris will remain on-site at the Iowa capitol to continue to advocate for Article V. 

Among the 16 states with active COS legislation, Iowa now stands poised to deliberate upon our application on the floor of its House of Representatives, marking a significant stride toward final passage. The grassroots team in Iowa will remain committed in their efforts toward achieving that goal.

To learn about what a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution of the United States is, how it works, what it means to you as a citizen of this great nation, and to sign our petition in support of our movement to take back control of our out-of-control federal government, go to:

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