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On October 7th, 2023, Hamus launched the most horrific slaughter attack on Jews since WWII. Since then, college students and college student aged Liberals have been holding Pro-Palestinian / Anti-Israel rallies on campuses and on streets across the country.

Since Joe Biden has taken office, an estimated seven to ten million illegal immigrants have entered our country. A known number of got-aways is estimated to be around one million and another sixty thousand unknown got-aways. These unknown got-aways are individuals who may present the most danger to America.

President Trump has repeated at every rally and speaking engagement his commitment, if elected President in 2024, to eliminate illegals from being able to enter our country with the completion of the wall that was left uncompleted when he lost the 2020 elections. “We’re going to take over that border and we’re going to make it the most secure border in our history.”

Among other proposals, the former president has vowed to block immigrants who support Hamas from entering the United States, and to send officials to pro-Hamas protests to detain and deport immigrants who publicly support the designated terrorist group. "If you want to abolish the state of Israel, you're disqualified. If you support Hamas or the ideology behind Hamas, you're disqualified. And if you're a communist, Marxist, or fascist, you are disqualified." He has further promised to organize and run the largest deportation operation this country has ever seen.

On Sunday, November 20th, while visiting the southern border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, President Trump reaffirmed these commitments. The Marxist-Communist propaganda arm of the Marxist-Communist Democrat Party went into immediate overdrive trying to use the trip to portray President Trump’s plans as extreme. “Donald Trump is going after immigrants, our rights, our safety, and our democracy. And that is what really is on the ballot next year,” Biden reelection campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said on a conference call, reported The Associated Press.

The only thing they got right is that President Trump is going to go after illegal immigrants and deport them back to their country of origin. The news media’s assertion that President Trump intends to go after our rights, our safety, and our democracy are ludicrous. His commitments will rather insure the rights of American citizens, the safety of American Safety, and the continuation of our Republic.


Visit: https://www.americaninsanity.org for more information on what needs to be done to win the 2024 election.

My newly released book "American Insanity" addresses government corruption occurring within the federal government; the apathetic attitude of our citizens; elected political officials who no longer protect our Judeo-Christian values, lack leadership, statesmanship, and the moral character to unify America, save our Constitutional Republic, and our Judeo-Christian values; lack of leaders with the will, strength, & courage to serve “We the People” with honor & integrity.

Thank you!

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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Nov 20, 2023

I’m looking forward to Tom Norman’s work when Trump’s back in office.

LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
Nov 21, 2023
Replying to

Less than twelve months until the elections. Then we will see America begin to bounce back. Illegals will be sent home to visit their families and friends. Once there, there will be no getting back into the United States unless they knock on the front door, and we invite them in.

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