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Mao’s America

Ms. Xi Van Fleet grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. She’s the author of the new book, “Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning.” In her book Ms. Van Fleet addresses the parallels between the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Cultural Revolution now taking place in the United States.

"Communism is about abolition of private property. But I would say, more important than that, is the abolition of independent thinking. It's really, really about control of peoples' minds. And also, it's about dividing people. They don't want to rule over a united population," says Ms. Van Fleet.

"From a very early age—kindergarten—we were taught that our parents are just biological parents. The real parents are 'the Party,' and Chairman Mao. And so, if there's a conflict between choosing your own parents or the Party, you should always, always choose the Party. And that's basically what the Red Guards did."

Today in the United States, our children have been subjected to brainwashing, re-education, and anti-American indoctrination for the past thirty plus years. Woke indoctrination and ideologues are adopting Mao's methods of attempting to re-write our history, destroy our heritage and culture and most disturbing, destroy the nuclear family.

"Here, especially today in schools, you are supposed to go to 'trusted adults,' not your parents. And so, they do not say 'Party,' but it is very similar. They want to cut the ties between parents and children. Why? That's how you control the children," says Ms. Van Fleet.

A very interesting read to say the least!

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Thank you!

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