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Israel + Hamas + Hezbollah + Iran + USA + China + ??? = WWIII

Since the aftermath of Hama’s horrific attack on Israel killing over two thousand individuals including American citizens, Iran has taken to social media to all but outright congratulate Hamas on their victory in Israel.

Iran has threatened Israel, both publicly and on social media, warning Israel that there would be dire consequences should Israel attack the Gaza Strip. In their social media posts, Iran has all but acknowledged that they were behind the financing and training of the Hamas terrorists in preparation for their attack on Israel.

In their right to defend themselves and pre-empt future attacks, Israeli military forces are about to cross into the Gaza Strip and once and for all eliminate Hamas as a threat to Israel. The Gaza Strip has been pummeled by artillery shelling and air strikes in preparation to a ground attack. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers have already been staged on the Israeli-Gaza border awaiting orders to proceed which is immanent.

Iran’s threats are worsening with each passing day and Israel should expect a preemptive move by Iran of some sort and soon. It is strongly expected that Hezbollah will attack Israel shortly at Israel’s northern border. If all these threats prove to be accurate, what then will the United States’ reaction be in response. Biden has already publicly announced that we will stand by and support Israel but to what extent.

We must further keep in mind that Iran has dramatically increased their alliance with China. If America is dragged into this war, we can then expect China to also enter the war in support of Iran? Then we have all the other Middle East nations, many of which will certainly support Iran. If this occurs, we are surly on the doorsteps of WWIII. Is America’s military ready for such a probability? Highly unlikely!

Thank You Joe Biden.

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LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette

Those two videos you provided me and I put out on my blog "Globalist Attack on We the People" explains it perfectly. It's all by design and the world's citizens suffer from it all.


Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides

Under Donald Trump’s leadership for the first time in 40 years, we got OUT of wars. We had peace. Trump’s Abraham Accords gave peace to the Middle East. That said, I believe US engagement in these new wars is BY DESIGN. And NOT for our benefit.

Obama/Biden gave cash to Iran, funded the current Middle East conflict with billions of dollars. They’ve done the same with Ukraine. And who supports all this war? Answer: Many of our very own representatives in DC.

In early October, many representatives purchased more war-related stocks to fill their $$pockets. See statistics below. The US is trillion$$ in debt. We’re bankrupt. So WHO benefits from these wars? Not you and me. Not your childr…

LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette

Very well said!

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