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Gun Control Executive Order

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

It's NO coincidence that Joe Biden’s ILLEGAL Gun Registration Executive Order was published less than one week after the United Nations wrapped up it’s “Small Arms Treaty” Conference (CSP9). U.S. Diplomats attended this meeting of globalist gun-hating bureaucrats even though the U.S. is NOT party to the treaty, and it’s NEVER been ratified by the U.S. Senate. They boasted that the United States is complying with the “Small Arms Treaty” WITHOUT authorization to do so, and now that Biden’s announced another Executive Order on gun control, we know what they meant. The ATF’s new plan to go after “small arms” including rifles, shotguns and pistols by REGULATING and REGISTERING as many “end users” as possible is exactly what the UN “Small Arms Treaty” calls for. And Joe Biden’s dirty secret behind his new “Universal Gun Registration” Executive Order is that it's DESIGNED to fulfill a secret promise his envoy made to the United Nations in Switzerland last week.

As pathetic as this is, the consequences of letting Joe Biden get away with this will be felt for generations to come. So, I hope you’ll help the National Association for Gun Rights FIGHT BACK now. The United States Constitution requires the Senate ratify all treaties with a 2/3 vote. So far you and I have made it impossible for Biden to get 67 votes in the Senate to ratify the treaty outright. In fact, you and I stopped Joe Biden cold when we defeated the Obama-Biden Gun Registration scam back in 2013, blocking him from getting 60 votes then, and several times since. But now, Joe Biden and the ATF are going around Congress entirely to impose new UN-Style expanded GUN REGISTRATION requirements that would label virtually EVERYIONE who sells a gun as a “gun dealer,” required to run every gun buyer through the 4473 system. As we know, gun registration is just the first step to gun confiscation. The same kind of confiscation seen in Australia in the 1990’s and the same kind of nations like Argentina and Costa Rica admitted they’re already complying with the “Small Arms Treaty” last week! So, once again, we MUST act to stop Biden.

Like a good bunch of globalists, they were very – VERY – crafty in writing Executive Order 14092 / ATF 2022R-17 in a way to withstand scrutiny. (It’s much more technical than Joe’s usual confused word-vomit.) But truthfully, we have the Constitution and the law on our side. Remember, a universal gun registration system is ILLEGAL under Federal law, and every step Joe Biden tries to take in that direction puts him further and further at odds with the Constitution, Federal Statute, Congress, the Supreme Court, and law-abiding American Second Amendment supporters like you. With so much going for us, are we really going to let the ATF get away with this crap? Are we really going to allow JOE BIDEN to execute the very same globalist anti-gun policies by EXECUTIVE FIAT that you and I have DESTROYED for nearly a decade now? Hell no, we’re not! Please click here to sign the petition to your United States Congressman, U.S. Senators, and the ATF RIGHT AWAY telling them to BACK OFF right now.

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