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GOP - Team Waynesville Suffers Defeat

As most of you are probably aware of by now, the citizens of Waynesville did not choose to elect our “Team Waynesville.” This was actually a bit of a shock given what we believed to have been a lot of support during door knocking campaigns and other encounters.

Regardless of their loss, each one of our candidates: Joey Reece for Mayor; Peggy Hanna for Town Council; Tre’ Franklin for Town Council; and Stephine Sutton for Town Council, all deserve our admiration for the dedication, passion, courage, and hard work that they put into their campaign. None of them have any reason to feel that they did not do enough to win because they went above and beyond any expectations on behalf of the citizens of Waynesville.

Regardless of this disappointment, we accept this loss with dignity and pride in the manner the Haywood County GOP family came together to help and support “Team Waynesville. Now it is time to move forward and turn our attention and commitment to preparing for the most critical election of our lives and in all probability in the history of our Nation. The 2024 Presidential elections.

In closing, we want to let all four of you, know that we are honored and proud to have you as part of our Haywood County GOP family.

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Jean F Sovereen
Jean F Sovereen
Nov 09, 2023

Could you tell me why anyone outside of Waynesville could not vote? If we are ruled by Waynesville why can we not vote ?

Unknown member
Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

If you live outside the town limits you are ruled by the county commissioners.

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