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"American Insanity" Now Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

My book, American Insanity, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My book addresses how the Washington Elitists, Politicians, and "We the People" are driving our Constitutional Republic to suicide. It addresses how those we have entrusted to represent us are representing only their greed and hunger for power and wealth and the extent they are willing go to achieve these goals.

I speak about how "We the People" shoulder a large part of the blame for the crisis our Constitutional Republic is now enduring. We have become apathic and are failing to hold corrupt elected official accountable. I discuss solutions to our Nation's problems and failures.

I believe you will find the book informative and straight forward.

For Amazon purchase: Log into Amazon, type American Insanity in the search box. Go to right hand corner and click on "sort by" then select "Newest Arrival." My book should be relatively close to the top>

For Barnes & Noble: Go to Barnes & Noble bookstore on the internet, scroll down to "Barnes & Noble - On Line Bookstore" and click on that site. Once in, click on eBooks and type in American Insanity which should take you to my book.

When you have completed reading my book, please take a minute and provide a review.

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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Nov 04, 2023

Nice! (I wish I had Kindle.)

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