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American Disgrace

Our enemies are streaming across our open borders and terrorist attacks within the US are imminent. The war between Israel and Hamus is on the verge of spreading throughout the Middle East. America has placed itself in a position which may, once again, draw us into another costly war, both in loss of American lives and financially. Yet President Biden has failed to articulate to the American people exactly what’s at stake in the Middle East and here at home and what his policies are moving forward.

Approximately 240 innocent Israeli men, women, and young children, are being held hostage by the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists which includes American citizens. American citizens not being directly held hostage by Hamas are stuck in Gaza awaiting help by our government to get them out to no avail. Private citizens are doing what the government is failing to do and rescuing those who were unable to escape after the start of the war.

Iranian proxies are regularly attacking American forces across the region, but the White House’s mild response to date only invites more attacks on our heroic troops. At this point, the Biden administration is asking Congress for billions of dollars for Israel but providing scant details about how this money is to be used or any plans for the Administration’s reaction to the attacks on American forces or should Iran become militarily involved.

Throughout American cities and on college campuses the rise of antisemitism is unprecedented, disgusting, and unacceptable. Antisemitism, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, is dramatic and getting worse with the passage of time. American people must demand the end of this moral equivalence now. Demand that those who are harming our Jewish citizens be tracked down, as were the January 6th protesters, and brought to face the same level of justice.

Iran and Islamic terrorist groups are hellbent on wiping our ally Israel off the face of the earth. The only thing that could have held them at bay and prevented the war between Israel and Hamas is Iran’s respect for one thing: American strength and our capacity for overwhelming military power. But when President Biden took office, he abandoned President Donald Trump’s peace through strength foreign policy and emboldened our enemies to go on offense.

Hamas’ horrendous attack on Israel came on the heels of the Biden administration releasing $6 billion in Iranian assets as part of a prisoner swap. The timing of this irresponsible move made it clear that the dangerously weak Iran policy being pursued by both the Obama and Biden administrations for the past 15 plus years, is a complete failure and should be abandoned before it’s too late.

Today the American people are far less safe because our adversaries have no respect for a government that doesn’t even secure its own borders. It’s no secret that plotters in China, Russia and elsewhere see our porous southern border as proof positive that the Biden administration isn’t serious about defending American interests at home or abroad.

So, the question becomes “can America survive until the 2024 elections.” Until than we cannot expect the Biden Administration to do an about-face and start getting things right.

Please feel free to share your viewpoints and opinions. I invite further discussion regarding this article with you.

My new book "American Insanity" is now available as pre-sale at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please check it out.

My book addresses the inept, corrupt, and criminal acts occurring in Washington, the apathetic attitude of our citizens, and solutions to fixing these problems.

I reflect on the political insanity overtaking the US as a result of citizens failure to keep vigilant over our politicians, resulting in a free America rapidly slipping away never to be experienced by future generations. Insanity we are facing while we transform into a Marxist Nation.

A failed 2 party political system that no longer supports or protects our Judeo-Christian values; parties who have lost their moral compass, strength and courage to stand against those who would see our Republic fall; elected officials who lack the leadership, statesmanship, and moral character to set-aside their power-hungry appetites in order to unify America, save our Constitutional Republic, and our Judeo-Christian values; and the lack of leaders with the will, strength, & courage to serve “We the People” with honor & integrity.

Thank you!

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Nov 05, 2023

Will we even have a 2024 election???

LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
Nov 05, 2023
Replying to

This is indeed the greatest concern we have. We know that the radical left is doing everything possible to stop a real two-party election and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. We must all become very vigilant in the coming months in the hopes of being able to stop any attempt to deprive us of our Constitutional right to elect a President of our choice.

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