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As November 5th rapidly approaches, the election that will determine whether we as a Nation remain a Constitutional Republic or join other nations as part of a globalist authoritarianism world, we all must confront the reality of just how significant this election will be, not just for us, but for the entire world.

Thirty-five years ago, in the heart of China on Tiananmen Square, a group of Chinese students embarked on a hunger strike, a silent protest against the totalitarian Chinese government. They hoped the world would hear their calls for democracy and freedom, but their pleas and sacrifices went unheard.

They were eagerly awaiting the visit of Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, a leader who had begun to steer the Soviet Union towards a more democratic governance. This visit was seen as a beacon of hope, a potential catalyst for change in China, mirroring the path of Gorbachev’s Soviet Union.

With Gorbachev’s arrival, those students hoped the world would hear their calls for democracy and freedom. But thirty-four years later, Russian President Vladimir Putin stands on Tiananmen Square, stepping onto the blood-red carpet laid out by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The grim reality for democratic countries is once again revealed in the joint declaration of Xi and Putin: “The joint efforts of Cina and Russia is leading the way for global authoritarianism.”

This declaration to the world is that authoritarianism is uniting to confront Western democratic countries. So, will the massacre of 35 years ago in Tiananmen Square be repeated? Is history coming back to life?

If we Republicans fail to win the Presidency, keep the House of Representatives, and win back the Senate, America’s chances of surviving as a Constitutional Republic is dim at best. If this should be America’s destiny, then Tiananmen Square will surely repeat itself across America and throughout democratic nations worldwide.

At no other point in American history has it been so crucial that every patriotic, freedom-loving Republican not only vote and vote early but also talk with Republican family members, friends, and neighbors to strongly encourage them to vote and help get out Republican voters.  

The Haywood County Republican Party strongly encourages every registered Republican in our county to become engaged and involved by attending our monthly meetings, which are held on the second Thursday of each month at the Haywood County Republican Party Headquarters in downtown Waynesville. We need your help and involvement to ensure that Haywood County does its part in saving the United States of America.



"American Insanity" is officially on sale.

Please visit my website at: https://www.americaninsanity.org to subscribe to my blog, for political updates, and sources for purchasing my book.

Thank you!  

 "American Insanity" attempts to address what happened to:

The Nation of diverse individuals and institutions which together created—families, schools, congregations, neighborhoods—to advance their ideals and realize their dreams;

The Nation that encouraged equality for all citizens and embraced the inherent value of every single human being God creates—born and unborn;

The Nation of citizens that could reaffirm the Constitution’s fundamental principles: limited government, separation of powers, individual liberty, and the rule of law;

The Nation which once denounced bigotry, racism, sexism, antisemitism, ethnic prejudice, and religious intolerance which recognized God–not government–as the Author of these principles;

The Nation that stood strong against tyranny and were willing to fight at home and abroad to protect the lives and fundamental liberties of all people;

The Nation of a growing economy that gave everyone—regardless of background--a chance in life, an opportunity to learn, work and realize the prosperity that is made possible by the freedom we held so dear;

"American Insanity" addresses these questions and more!

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