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$236 Billion in “Improper Payments" Made in 2023

An estimated $236 Billion in improper or incorrect payments were made by the Biden Administration in 2023 according to a March 26th, 2024, General Accounting Office report.

Medicaare accounted for the largest amount of incorrect payments at approximately $ $51.1 billion, followed by Medicaid at $50.3 billion, Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance at $43.6 billion, earned Income Tax Credit at $21.9 billion, and the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness at $18.7 billion of the erroneous payments.


During fiscal year 2023, 14 agencies reported losses across 71 programs that totaled the estimated $236 Billion. This amount does not include certain government programs that agencies determined were “susceptible to significant improper payments.” What exactly this means and just how much taxpayer dollars were inappropriately expended by these certain government programs could be in the billions of dollars, significantly adding to the reported $236 Billion in loss.


These incorrect payments point to a significant failure and accountability on the part of those departments and agencies’ internal controls to reasonably assure that appropriate actions are taken to significantly reduce these inappropriate payments. This systematic mismanagement and waste of our tax dollars must be corrected in order to restore fiscal responsibility or failure to do so by those departments and agencies to judicially manage their appropriations must be, at the very least, reduced in future funding by the amount of dollars that they allowed to be inappropriately expended as a result of their mismanagement.


Congress has just passed a $1.2 trillion spending package, much of which is directed towards excessive and wasteful spending. In addition to this excessive and wasteful spending, how many billions of dollars will be lost and unaccountable for in the current fiscal year?


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