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“The Convention of States Action movement, in a race against time, strongly urges all State Legislators to pass a Resolution calling for the convening of a Convention of States as authorized under Article V of the Constitution. This Convention of States aims to propose three new Amendments to the Constitution to rein in our out-of-control government.

One proposed Amendment seeks to curb the Government's wasteful and often unconstitutional spending, increasing our $34 trillion national debt at a staggering rate of $833 million every hour. Moreover, the U.S. is burdened with over $2 billion in daily interest expenses on that debt.


This exorbitant daily expenditure is not just a number. It's resulting in increased government borrowing, printing money, and taxes, directly affecting every American citizen's standard of living.

Moreover, billions of our tax dollars are being sent to foreign countries that are committed adversaries, further exacerbating the situation. These countries are using your money to fund terrorist activities against us.


Case in point: Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the United Nations has delivered more than $2.9 billion in cash to the country, a significant amount of this money coming from U.S. taxpayers. An unknown amount of this money has ended up in the Taliban-controlled central bank of Afghanistan.


We are calling upon state legislators to pass a Resolution calling for the convening of a Convention of States, this session, to end these wasteful and inappropriate expenditures.

We call upon all American citizens to recognize their power and responsibility. Contact your State Legislator today and urge him/her to do all they can to make this happen. Your voice can make a difference.”


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Jun 23
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For sure Biden funded them. All by design. Weaken the US globally

Jun 23
Replying to

Like Lydon B. Johnson who to this day I view as a mass murderer for allowing all those deaths in Vietnam, Biden too is also a mass murderer in my humble view

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