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Here's the question: "Who should decide what is best for you and your family?  Should critical decisions that affect us and our loved ones be decided by "We The People'', or by out-of-touch bureaucrats in Washington? 


Congressional members of all parties go to Washington with good intentions but it’s not long before their party leaders and donors suck them into the swamp.  They are indoctrinated through threats of not being seated on committees, not being endorsed, or not being provided financial assistance for their re-election. 


Our legislators are so distracted trying to gain favor from party leaders and raising money for reelection, that this Nation’s Constitution and, we who elected them are ignored.  With each successful reelection, they become more emboldened as they realized they will not be held accountable and that we will, like robots, just keep on re-electing them. 


They are so far removed, that we as individuals or groups (i.e. religion, small business, farmers, laborers, etc.) have little chance of interacting with them to question or challenge their actions or inactions.  Its promise after promise that are never kept while they spend their time solidifying their elitist status, creating disunity between us with accusations that all their failures and all our problems are the fault of the other party.


This must be rectified as this country is on the brink of losing our Constitutional Republic.  We, all of us, Republican, Democrat, Liberal and Independent, can stop this cancerous run-away government, by becoming engaged with our governing and that starts at the voting poll. Tomorrow is your last opportunity to help select those who will represent your party for the General Elections on November 5th of this year. There are well over 55,000 registered voters in Haywood County, but going into tomorrows last day of voting, less than approximately 3,000 registered voters have made their voices heard.


Apathy towards our government and towards doing your civic duty as American citizens and taking less than a half an hour to vote will change nothing. To those who would say “voting won’t change anything,” I will tell you two things: first you don’t know if that is true because so many American citizens have failed to vote in the last decade or two that politicians with your values who would have changed the course of our country are probably the very ones who never had the chance to do so because of your failure to go to the poll and vote for that individual, and second if you don’t even try then you’re right, nothing will change.


Defy the Washington bureaucracy through taking the time to go to your Precinct voting site and make your voices heard. Then, and only then is there any chance that it will be “We the People” who decide what is best for ourselves and our families.


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