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"American Insanity" by LeRoy Cossette:

I am a Marine Corps combat veteran with over forty years of combined experience in political career, political commentary, observation, and news. 

“American Insanity” addresses what is happening to the Nation that once was:

  • A Nation of diverse individuals and institutions that advanced ideals and realized dreams.

  • A Nation of equality, which embraced the value of every single human being—born and unborn.

  • A Nation of citizens that reaffirms the Constitution’s fundamental principles: limited government, separation of powers, individual liberty, and the rule of law.

  • A Nation that once denounced bigotry, racism, sexism, antisemitism, ethnic prejudice, and religious intolerance, which recognized God–not government–as the Author of these principles.

  • A Nation that stood strong against tyranny and was willing to fight at home and abroad to protect the lives and fundamental liberties of all people.

  • A Nation with a growing economy that gave everyone a chance in life, an opportunity to learn, work, and realize the prosperity that is made possible by the freedom we hold so dear.

In 'American Insanity,' I raise thought-provoking questions about the current state of our nation. These questions and the discussions they spark are crucial for understanding and addressing the issues at hand.

It is my desire to address these issues and share information with my blog subscribers that is not being reported by mainstream media.

Please visit my website at: https://www.americaninsanity.org to subscribe to my blog and sources for purchasing my book “American Insanity.”

Thank you!

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