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In 1776, Nathan Hale stated, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."

In 1787, Benjamin Franklin stated, we have “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.”


Their words echo the responsibility we all share in preserving our Republic.


Since 1960: On average, only 2.5 million, or 7.3% of American citizens, serve on active duty annually; Only approx. .0007% of American military personnel engage in actual combat. Of those who served in combat, 61% were 21 years of age or younger:


Since 1960, Over 66,000 Americans have given their lives in combat for our Nation, and 206,000 Americans have suffered combat wounds during that same period.


So, what’s my point?


My point is that “We the People” ask 18 to 21-year-old kids to protect us and our liberties at a high risk to their lives and physical and mental well-being.


We ask them to willingly experience the horrors and traumas of war, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. And then there are the gold-star families who will suffer for years.


These people truly took to heart their responsibility to preserve our Republic.


What have the other 93% of American citizens done to ensure the perseverance of our Republic?


For all the lives lost or destroyed to preserve our Republic, only 53% of registered voters turn out to vote, and an insignificantly low number of citizens will volunteer as Poll Workers, Observers, or Greeters to ensure election integrity.


My question to each of you is: Do you really feel like you are honoring all those who gave so much for you by not being willing to volunteer at polling sites for just a few hours every couple of years, or worse yet, don’t even take the time to vote?


For all of them and future generations, please stand up for our Constitutional Republic and do something positive to help keep our freedoms and liberties.


We need voters and poll volunteers. Please honor our veterans by doing the right thing for America and volunteering to vote.

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