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Updated: Mar 25

Do you believe the Federal government will ever limit their own power? Not a chance. The need for a Convention of States is greater than ever!

Mark your calendar today to be in Raleigh on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for our 2024 Capitol Rally!

Confirmed speakers:


Mark Meckler, President and co-founder of COS Action. 


Michael Farris, co-founder of the COS movement, former President of the Alliance Defending Freedom and founder of Patrick Henry College and the Home School Legal Defense Association. Click here to read his current bio.


Other speakers, both nationally known and local, to be announced!

Register below AND attend the Rally!


Interested in transportation to the Capitol?

Thanks to the feckless acts of all those who are supposed to represent us in Washington, the cost of getting to this year's Rally will be more than it's been in the past and we don't want this to deter your ability to join us.

We'd love to organize buses or carpools to come in from different parts of the state but we need to hear from you to do so. 

To come in by bus or be part of an organized carpool and you live in the:

  • The mountains of NC, a bus will be heading out from in Asheville with stops in Marion and Statesville. Here is the link to buy a ticket. Thanks to a generous NC COS donor who is paying for most of the cost, you can travel to Raleigh in style for just $15! Under 21 ride for free. Questions? Please contact David Langrall at david.langrall@cosaction.com or by phone at (828) 273-5879. 

  • The Charlotte, Concord, Davidson area, a bus will originate from Concord Mills and stop in Greensboro. Here is a link to buy a ticket. Thanks to a generous NC COS donor who is paying for most of the cost, you can travel to Raleigh in style for just $15! Under 21 ride for free. Questions? Please contact Kate West at kate.west@cosaction.com or call (973) 945-3134.

  • Piedmont area of NC, please contact Susan Bertuccelli at susan.bertuccelli@cosaction.com or by phone at (336) 524-7341.

  • Wilmington area and the associated corridor to Raleigh, please reach out to hugh.mcwilliams@cosaction.com or by phone at (571)345-8770.

  • Upper coastal area of NC starting at the Outer Banks and going through Elizabeth City and on to Raleigh, please contact judy.carter@cosaction.com or by phone at (703) 304-5277.

Driving to Raleigh? Parking is available at the:

  • State Government Visitor Lot #2 - 333 N. Salisbury Street - From this lot, cross N. Salisbury St. and walk south until you see the brick staircase outside the Legislative Office Building on you left. Halifax Mall is at the top of the staircase. 

  • State Government Parking Deck - 329 N. McDowell Street - From this parking lot, exit to Lane Street and walk east. Turn right on N. Salisbury Street. After crossing Lane St, the Legislative Office Building will be on your right. Halifax Mall is at the top of the staircase at the corner of Lane St. and N. Salisbury St.

  • NC Museum/Government Parking - 100 E. Jones Street (0.3 mile SE) - You will see the NC Legislative Building catty corner to this lot.  Leave the lot and walk west on Jones St. Go to the front of the Legislative Building and walk around the outside of the building. Halifax Mall is behind this building across a pedestrian walkway over Lane St.

  • Green Square Parking Deck - 120 W. Edenton Street - This lot is also catty corner to the Legislative Building. Leave the lot and walk east on Jones St. From here you can either turn left on N. Salisbury St, cross Lane St to access the staircase at the corner of N. Salisbury and Lane St.  Or, to avoid the staircase, walk east on Jones St to the Legislative Building, walk towards the front door and walk around the building to access the pedestrian walkway behind the building.  

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