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If we fail to get Donal Trump elected as our President and we fail to keep the House of Representatives and take control of the Senate, then it very well may be that American citizens are going to take matters into their own hands. It isn’t going to be pretty and will shock our sensibilities. There is just so much that SANE individuals can tolerate before they realize that drastic steps are needed to save our Republic and our American way of life. 


I fear that if we fail in November, at some point after the elections, someone will step up and say, ‘Enough is enough.’ Not someone in the political arena, but someone outside of the Washington circle. Someone who is or was a high-ranking member of the military capable of solidifying, into a resistance force, other ex-military, survivalist, and patriotic conservative citizens to stand with them against the tyranny of the Marxist-Communist Democrat Party. An army of citizens willing to fight back and I’m afraid that fight will not be of words or ideology but deadly.

Sane hardworking Americans are tired of watching the United States of America, once the shining star of the world, rapidly descend into a Nation of chaos and insanity under the rule of Marxist-Communist ideology. People will act, unwilling to timidly standby while their beloved constitutional republic burns to the ground.


Patriotic Americans are sick of watching illegal immigrants pour into our country. Most who then get more benefits and monthly payments than our veterans, our senior citizens, our homeless, and our poor. Sick of watching a two-tiered justice system attempting to destroy and imprison a former President of the United States and keep that individual from once again becoming our President.

We are sick of watching the Marxist-Communist Democrats in power destroying the lives of those whose only crime is to oppose the insanity that has overtaken our government and the federal agencies which were meant to protect us. Sick of the rampant crime taking over our once beautiful and prosperous cities and sick of Marxist state governors, attorney generals, and city mayors who are fanning the flames of discontent among the law-abiding citizenry while protecting the criminals.


Our institutions of learning have been infiltrated by a bold, unsettling spearhead of Iran’s jihadi militants who are organizing and leading thousands of pro-Iran and pro-Hamas demonstrators to gathered on the campuses of our colleges and universities and scream out Iran’s notorious battle cry: “Death to America! Death to Israel!” All funded by the likes of George Soros.

Patriotic citizens are sick of seeing our institutions of learning becoming hotbeds of radical supporters of hideous murderers, many of whom are here as foreign students. Sick of college and university Presidents who are so incompetent and cowardly as to allow themselves to believe that these idiots,’ American and foreigners alike, rants of hatred and intimidation of the Jewish people is a first amendment right.


Taxpayers are sick of watching those we have sent to Washington to represent us spend our Republic into bankruptcy freely giving away our hard-earned tax dollars to foreign countries to protect their sovereignty and their borders. All the while allowing our border to remain wide-open to some of the world’s most fanatic and dangerous criminals and terrorists. Sick of constantly fearing the day when the terrorists allowed to enter our country strike a deadly blow to one if not several communities simultaneously.


We are sick of the strangle hold that the Marxist-Communist Biden Administration and the Marxist-Communist Democrat and Republican RINOs in Congress have around our necks. Refusing to listen to their constituents but rather acting on behalf of their own selfish political and personal agendas. We are sick of hearing that there’s nothing they can do because they don’t have the votes in spite of the fact that the Republicans hold the purse strings to the taxpayer's money. Sick of their unwillingness to shut down the flow of money to rogue federal departments and agencies out of fear of shutting down the government. A government whose actions are doing nothing but harming the well-being of our citizens and well should be shut down and rebuilt where appropriate or returned to the States in accordance with our Constitution.


Liberal stupidity is overwhelming us, and we’re starting to choke on it. We can no longer afford to pretend that liberals aren’t insane and continue to entertain their lunatic behavior. Unfortunately, about half the country either doesn’t see, hasn’t been informed, or doesn’t care what is taking place.


Now is the time for all Haywood County Republicans to begin talking about these destructive issues with family, friends and neighbors to encourage them to seek the facts and vote Republican in November. It will take courage and strength to overcome the fear of speaking out and confronting those whose leanings are liberal/progressive, but the alternative will be far more fearsome.

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Apr 26
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Absolutely. It's inevitable.

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