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We were once a Nation that rejected the ideology that government was our God, our protecter, and the provider of all things good.

But today our Nation’s educational system is indoctrinating our children that it is government which provides them salvation, protection, and the provider of their physical, emotional, and religious needs; indoctrinating our children that it is not their parents to whom they can turn to for understanding of their sexual confusion and identification; that it is not their parents where they can find commitment and loyalty; that it is government they need to believe in, not the religious beliefs of their parents.

Today, our corrupt government is telling the parents of our children that children belong to the government and that as such parents have no right to question what their children are being taught in the class room; that it is government, not parents, who will provide the structured support, understand, and nurture normally found within a family unit; a family structure as defined by God in the Holy Bible.

Today’s government is the epitome of oppression, corruption, tyranny, and unfathomable evil which realizes that they must take control of children’s minds in order for the elitists, with globalist ideologies, to take control of our Nation.

An evil parasite sucking away the very nature that once made America stand out among other nations of the world; taken away our passion and desire to be pioneers, inventors, innovators, and producers which once made America great and independent on other counties; allowed foreign countries to produce and import their inferior technology, products, and manufactured goods into the United States for American consumption.

An America made dependent upon other nations for our everyday needs as a result of government leadership selling America out for a price. Money paid to corrupt leadership to tax and regulate businesses and manufacturers out of America to other countries, primarily China.

Are we not still the Nation of diverse individuals and institutions which together created—families, schools, congregations, neighborhoods—to advance their ideals and realize their dreams? What happed to the Nation that encouraged equality for all citizens and embraced the inherent value of every single human being God creates—born and unborn.

We once were the Nation that defended the religious beliefs and rights of conscience of all Americans and safeguarded religious institutions against government intervention and mob threats. We were once a Nation that could reaffirm the Constitution’s fundamental principles: limited government, separation of powers, individual liberty, and the rule of law. As a Nation, we once denounced bigotry, racism, sexism, antisemitism, ethnic prejudice, and religious intolerance.

We once recognized God–not government–as the Author of these principles. We once were the Nation that stood strong against tyranny and were willing to fight at home and abroad to protect the lives and fundamental liberties of all people.

We once were the Nation of a growing economy that gave everyone—regardless of background--a chance in life, an opportunity to learn, work and realize the prosperity that is made possible by the freedom we held dear.


What happened to our once proud Constitutional Republic?


"American Insanity" addresses this question and how Washington politicians whom we entrusted to honorably and faithfully represent us, have ceased to represent the people, insure the survival of our culture, heritage, and the very fabric of our constitutional republic.

It speaks to the radical social behavior of our young whose education is flawed as a result of a failed federal education system. "American Insanity" addresses how "We The People" have become so apathetic towards the governing of our Nation causing many to become disengaged; how and why our constitutional republic is rapidly propelling itself to suicide as a sovereign Nation. "American Insanity" presents not only the critical issues at play in our Nation but presents the only solutions which can save our Constitutional Republic, our heritage, and our culture.

Please visit https://www.americaninsanity.org for a Chapter-by-Chapter summary of what is addressed in each Chapter of the book and for links to purchase my book. My website also provides a link to Epoch Times original documentary “What Really Happened on January 6th, 2021.” A must watch video that overturns the Democrat Party's version of events.

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