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The Wealth Elitist Control America - Part 1

Da Kine 17 Re: None Friday, February 17, 2023 4:11:25 PM Post# of 228 Go

The Bush-Clinton criminal empire and succession. (Updated 2.17.23)

The Bushes, McConnells, et al are unwilling to relinquish control of the club and will do anything, say anything and use every institutional lever within their control to remain in power. The inside DC Republican club used every deceptive resource available to undermine President Trump and kneecap him from disrupting the system.

“.:. that “Dems” and “Reps” are somehow different is living that illusion. Elephants and donkeys only appear differently otherwise, they’re the same animal in service to the “Uniparty.” Since at least GHWB, it never mattered who ascended to the Executive because rest assured that whoever was installed, it was “their guy.”

A thank you to Kristin Whitesides for connecting me to this information and the coming posts regarding who really controls America and the destruction and chaos they have brought upon the world for their globalist ideology.

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