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The moderate conservative John F. Kennedy Democratic Party of the early 1960s began its accelerated transformation into a Marxist Democrat Party with the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration in 1964, losing any trace of that party’s original place as a moderate constitutional party with the Barak Obama Administration.

Hard-left Marxist ideologues have since hi-jacked the Democrat Party. The new Marxist Democrat Party is committed to converting existing federal institutions into politicalized and weaponized entities against its political opponents and our citizens. American institutions are being forced to accept and implement a radical Marxist diversity-equity-inclusion-based agenda that does not adhere to our Nation's commitment to equality for all.

What Democrat voters are now being faced with is a political party determined to undermine our Nation’s constitution, in particular the First Amendment, which guarantees our freedom of speech, and the Second Amendment, which guarantees our right to own and bear arms.

The new Marxist Democrat Party has brought to an end the quality of education being provided to our children in our federally funded education system by focusing on the radical teaching of Critical Race Theory, sexual orientation, age-inappropriate reading material, the teaching and counseling of students as young as five or six years old in gender-affirming issues, and the allowing of biological males to utilize girls’ bathrooms or to compete in girls’ sports.

Marxist Democrat-governed cities are unsafe as a result of violent, out-of-control crime. The average American Democrat does not want an unaffordable Green New Deal that results in heavy taxes and a dependence on the Middle East or other foreign adversaries of the United States for our energy sources, which the new Marxist Democrat Party is heavily pushing.

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