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Terrorist Attack

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Israel has suffered a horrific attack by the evilest people on earth, Hamas. These monsters murdered young children, raped women and young girls, and murdered elderly people indiscriminately. This diabolic action must be a clear warning to America as a result of Biden’s open border policy. We must be prepared to be attacked in much the same manner as Israel. It will be dramatic, horrific, with the killing of thousands of people.

I fear that it is not a question of if but rather when. There is no way that so many thousands of military age men have crossed our open border and not believe that many of them are here to create terrorist cells awaiting the order to unleash hell on America. American citizens must begin to prepare themselves and begin to take the necessary steps to assure that they are able to protect themselves.

Many of you are strongly opposed to weapons of any sort let alone owning a firearm. Be assured that if you continue to hold this point of view, you will be totally vulnerable to terrorist attacks when they occur. There is no way to know where in the country they will strike, but you can be assured that many cities, events, schools, and homes will be attacked.

For the attacks on Israel and the evident upcoming attacks on America, we have Biden, his Administration, and those who voted this Marxist-Communist idiot into the White House. I only hope that those who voted for Biden are beginning to realize what their vote has done to America and Nations around the world.

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