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January 6th Political Prisoner's Light of Hope

Finally, after almost three years of unjustifiable suffering by those being held as political prisoners, as well as those still pending court hearings, which includes President Trump, legal relief may be in sight.


On December 13th the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case against Joseph  Fischer who was charged with corruptly obstructing an official congressional proceeding challenging the constitutionality of this charge as interpreted in January 6th cases. The charge, as interpreted by the District Attorney for Washington, D.C. carries up to 20 years in prison. 


The Fischer case is one of three identical petitions before the Supreme Court for case review by January 6th defendants who were charged with corruptly obstructing an official proceeding.


The congressional proceeding in question was the counting and certification of Electoral College votes.


The outcome of this case will not only have a direct impact on whether charges against Mr. Fischer and the other two petitioners will be dropped but will have a direct impact on the nearly 330 others currently serving prison sentences or awaiting trials and sentencing for this same charge.


If the Supreme Court determines that the charge of corruptly obstructing an official proceeding, as interpretated by the D.C. District Court, is unconstitutional, then Jack Smith’s case against President Trump crumbles.



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Dec 29, 2023

When will the cop that WRONGLY killed a female USAF veteran be arrested and tried in public court?

The DOJ is a misnomer for sure!

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