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Hannah Hill, Executive Director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights has just released a newsletter advising that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the AR-15 is not an “arm” – as far as the Second Amendment is concerned.

Yes, you read that right. The three-judge panel of the appeals court ruled that so-called “assault weapons” aren’t actually guns protected by the Second Amendment. This from three highly educated individuals who cannot define what a gun is. Three supposedly intellectual Marxist-Communist judges who are as stupid as the female Supreme Court Justice who doesn't know what a woman is.

When it comes to radical Marxist-Communist Democrats, stupidity knows no bounds.


These three 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judges used their collective stupidity to uphold Illinois’ semi-auto ban. Such a nonsensical argument in order to uphold gun control, clearly means they’re losing on gun control initiatives, and they know it!

They KNOW what a gun is, and they KNOW what the Second Amendment means.

The National Foundation for Gun Rights is suing to overturn the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. In the end the ruling will ultimately be overruled and the only thing these judges will have accomplished is to advertise to the world their corruption in refusing to abide by their oath of office to protect the Constitution and make rulings in accordance with our Constitution.

Now I know what Forrest Gump meant when he would state "Stupid is as Stupid does."


My new book "American Insanity," is now available for pre-sale orders at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. My book addresses: the inept, corrupt, and criminal acts occurring in Washington; the apathetic attitude of our citizens; a failed 2 party political system that no longer supports or protects our Judeo-Christian values; parties who have lost their moral compass, strength and courage to stand against those who would see our Republic fall; elected officials who lack the leadership, statesmanship, and moral character to set-aside their power-hungry appetites in order to unify America, save our Constitutional Republic, and our Judeo-Christian values; and the lack of leaders with the will, strength, & courage to serve “We the People” with honor & integrity.

Thank you!

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