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Updated: Jan 2

Not weeks after FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress about the extent to which the FBI had been abusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the US House of Representatives voted to reauthorize the FISA program without any changes.


The FISA program is designed to monitor foreigners only. But because foreigners contact Americans, they are also swept up in the data, which is collected without a court-ordered warrant. That has raised alarms about civil rights violations violation of citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights.


Lawmakers have vowed all year to reform this powerful government surveillance tool that is set to expire at the end December 2023. In keeping with this promise the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee made announcements about their own respective Section 702 reform bills within hours of each other on Wednesday. The Senate Intelligence Committee introduced its version of reforms last month.

First, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) announced a short-term extension of the program, then he switched and said the House would not go through with that but would bring to the floor, for a vote, the proposed reform bills, then one day later, to many members' surprise, Johnson flipped again, and both bills were pulled.

House Speaker Johnson had reached an agreement with congressional leaders of both parties that would table reforms well into next year.

147 House Republicans and 32 Republican senators voted with the Democrats to pass the extension of the FISA program which will continue to allow the FBI to spy on American citizens without warrants.


In Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp (RINO) has finally admitted that the outcome of the 2020 election in his state was indeed decided by fraud and should never have been certified by his RINO buddy, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Joe Biden’s “official” fake vote total in 2020 was 11,779 more than Donald Trump’s vote total. Governor Kemp has now admitted that there were 17,852 illegal votes tallied in Fulton County alone. They’ve now been caught, and it is indisputable—Georgia was stolen from Donald Trump in 2020 by election fraud.

This stems from the election fraud case (SEB2023-025) brought against the state by attorney Joe Rossi. It pertains to Fulton County, Georgia, which you may remember from such hits as a busted water pipe, sending all the election observers home for the night, pulling stacks of ballots out of magical suitcases that were hidden under tables until the observers were gone, and then election workers ramming stacks of ballots through the counting machines up to three or four times apiece.


The current regime in power is maliciously trying to deny those of us who identify as constitutional conservatives or MAGA followers our constitutional right to vote for the individual we believe best stands for our Christian values, our heritage, and our culture.

President Trump has been indicted four times on the most ridiculous of charges. These trials have been conveniently scheduled to coincide with the most critical time of campaigning and will require him to be present during these trials, denying him the ability to be on the campaign trial. This is called election interference.

Now the Supreme Court of Colorado has ruled that President Trump cannot be on the Colorado primary ballot because he took part in an insurrection. Never mind the fact that no one has ever been charged for insurrection let alone convicted of insurrection, the Colorado Supreme Court, made up entirely of Democrats, has decided that President Trump instigated an insurrection and is therefore banned from being on the State’s ballot.

President Trump has stated he will be appealing this decision by a Marxist Colorado Supreme Court.

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