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So, Democrats Want Socialism

You hear it every time you speak to a Democrat: we need to create more social programs to help more people in distress; we need more social programs to provide benefits to those who will not provide for themselves (i.e. homeless, drugs addicts, etc.), we need to help convicted criminals to change their way of life; we need government imposed equity and not equality so everyone can be equally poor; we need more government programs to add to the already 400 plus government agencies to take care of everyone's every day needs. And they will go on and on attempting to justify their reasoning. As a result of the never-ending demand for more government control we are in fact a socialist country slipping into a communist country.

But what these Democrats do not speak about is what socialism ultimately turns into because they never were taught about world history and communism in our failed federally funded school systems. That is, almost every socialist country eventually evolved into a communist controlled government.

Next time you have a conversation with a Democrat family member, friend, or neighbor who compassionately tells you how good Marxism-Communism would be for our country, tell them they need to google "The Black Book of Communism" to make themselves aware of what it is they are wishing for. The information in that book describes only a partial history of communism; history only known to survivors of communist genocides, history of repressions, both political and civilian, by Communist states, including genocides, extrajudicial executions, deportations, and artificial famines.

The information they will find, if they even care to check it out, is that communist regimes turn mass crime and chaos into a full-blown system of government. Which, if you are obtaining your news from news outlets still reporting what is actually happening in America, you already know that we are at this point in our country. Once communism takes over, turning the scales back to a Republic will be almost impossible without a civil war.

For your Democrat friends let them know that just in the 20th century, once communism took over in their country the death toll in executions of dissenters, those deemed a threat to the ruling regime, and regime created famines are unbelievable. The number of deaths directly attributed to their country's communist government are as follows;

China: 65 million deaths

USSR: 20 million deaths

North Korea: 2 million deaths

Cambodia: 2 million deaths

Africa: 1.7 million deaths

Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths

Vietnam: 1 million deaths

Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths

All these Democrats who want to change our system of government need to keep these numbers in mind because it would be highly likely that the death toll in America would be over that in the USSR and highly likely would include members of their family if not themselves.

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