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I am a Committed Constitutional Conservative Republican who does not feel that my values and those of my fellow conservative Republicans are being represented by those we have elected to represent us.


Our problem – far too many Republicans we have voted into office are nothing more than Democrats in Republican disguise. These rogue RINO republicans are failing us by refusing to vote conservative to stop the radical Marxist-Communist Democrat Party agenda.


Yesterday, 89 republicans, including Speaker Johnson and our very own Chuck Edwards, voted with the Marxist-Democrats to pass yet another Continuing Resolution which totally funds every Marxist-Democrat initiative until at least March, at which time we will, in all probability, see another Continuing Resolution passed.


Have our Republican Representatives not read the Republican Platform which states: “We believe our constitutional system - limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and the rights of the people - must be preserved uncompromised for future generations.”


Uncompromised Limited Government – there is nothing limited or uncompromised about a government which has been allowed to grow to over 460 Departments and Agencies. Be assured that the Marxist-Democratic Party did not establish these departments and agencies without the support of Republicans.


Ø  Departments and Agencies whose existence are unconstitutional with the exception

of the Department of Defense; Department of Treasury; Department of Commerce;

Department of State; and Post Offices and perhaps one or two others I have not

mentioned. No where in the Constitution are the other 450 plus Departments and

Agencies authorized.


Ø  Departments and Agencies whose annual budgets are financially destroying our

Republic and destroying our businesses or driving them out of the country because of daunting regulations.


All of which our Republican representatives are failing to:


Ø  Utilize the power of the purse, not just to limit but to actually reduce or eliminate these

money hungry entities.


Ø  To hold accountable those departments and agencies which have gone rouge and are no longer serving the citizens of this Nation, but rather serving those in power and

their un-American, un-Constitutional agendas.


Ø  To hold accountable those individuals in leadership positions within those

Departments and Agencies who are breaking our laws, persecuting our citizens, and

bringing false accusations against their political opponents.


A Republican controlled House of Representative which has yet to:


Ø  Impeach the sitting President for bribery and treason against the United States;


Ø  Impeach the Secretary of Home Land Security for dereliction of duty by allowing the

invasion of our Nation by millions of illegal immigrants;


Ø  Find the courage to bring Contempt of Congress charges against the son of the sitting President for failing to respond to a duly executed subpoena; or


Ø  Bring charges against those who have willingly and knowingly made false statements under oath to congressional committees.


Our Republican representatives are failing to use the power of the purse to:


Ø  Halt financially disastrous spending budgets;


Ø  End exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money being sent to unfriendly foreign countries

in aid packages;


Ø  End exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money to fund the wars of foreign countries; and,


Ø  End exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money to fund the care and welfare of illegal



Rather, regardless of who is the Speaker of the House, regardless of the promises made by members of Congress when campaigning, regardless of what the Republican Platform promises, or what the Constitution dictates, far too many Republicans representatives are nothing more than RINOs who consistently vote with the Marxist-Democrats and lack the courage and integrity to do the right thing for our Republic, even if it means shutting down the government.


We as a Party, must find a way to identify and weed out all of the RINO republicans by primarying them out office and assure that candidates are truly conservatives who will, with dedication, vote conservative in keeping with the Republican Platform or we as a Constitutional Republic will cease to exist.


The problem, how do we get the majority of republican voters to take the time to research and know that the individual they intend to vote for is truly a conservative republican. How do we get our Republican representatives to stand solidly together to put a halt to the Marxist-Communist Democrat Party’s radical agenda.


How indeed!

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Jan 27
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

100% correct. When are we gonna get sick of it enough to as a country, to get rid of these swamp creatures? They line their own pockets and step on those they promise to serve. Folks, wake up, please!


Jan 26

At 85, I just hope that I live a few more years to see Hillary and crew in orange jumpsuits as they are all traitors to our country.

Praying for you President Trump.


LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
Jan 21

People must get involved. When we see elected officials acting in manner which does not aliegn with our conservative values, do not aliegn with the promises made, do not aliegn with the Party platform, we need to make massive numbers of phone calls and letters to that individual. As a politician who wants to get re-elected this is the only way we can get them to listen to our demands.

If they fail to listen to their constituents, they must be primaried out. This is where we are failing. People just go to the voting booth and re-elect the same disloyal individuals. Just look at the Democrat governed cities that have become nothing more the garbage dumps, the citizens are…


LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
Jan 20



Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Jan 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I just saw this from a reputable guy on Truth Social. Let’s hope he’s correct.

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