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Republican Party’s Policies

The presidential election is only seven months away. In those seven months the Republican Party must solidly establish their America first Christian conservative values approach to the governing of our great Nation.

The Republican Party must find a way to convince the American voter that their policies for the future of America, will not only Make America Great Again but that their policies are meant to strengthen the very fabric of our capitalist constitutional republic.

Each policy on which the Republican Party stands for must be explained in terms the average American citizen can comprehend. It must be made clear that the Republican Party’s:

Ø  Opposition to federal minimum wage increases is not to deny workers a livable wage but to defending the sanctity of the free market;

Ø  Position on the Second Amendment is that it is sacred and opposition to gun control regulations is a rallying cry for freedom, a refusal to let tyranny take hold;

Ø  View of sanctuary cities is that it is a direct challenge to federal authority and law and order;

Ø  Opposition to transgender athletes competing in gender-aligned categories is battle against a cultural assault on traditional gender norms;

Ø  View of offshore drilling is that it is the bedrock of American energy independence and that restrictions handcuff our nation’s ability to harness our own natural resources;

Ø  View of sanctuary universities is not just as academic institutions but as political actors, flouting federal law under the guise of higher education. Cutting federal funds is not just about the budget, it’s a statement that taxpayer dollars shouldn’t support what they view as educational sanctuaries for illegality;

Ø  View of foreign ownership of American soil as a piece of America’s sovereignty sold off to the highest bidder, potentially compromising national security and economic independence;

Ø  Opposition to comprehensive sex education is a stand for parental rights and traditional values in the face of what we see as a moral erosion;

Ø  Skepticism of climate change regulations is fueled by a cocktail of economic caution and distrust of scientific consensus;

Ø  Cautious approach to comprehensive immigration reform is driven by concerns over border security and rule of law, not an outright rejection of new Americans;

Ø  Challenge to affirmative action policies is framed not as opposition to diversity but as a quest for a merit-based system untainted by quotas and blind to race, gender, or background, a true reflection of merit and hard work;

Ø  Opposition to Critical Race Theory in schools and institutions isn’t just a rejection of a concept but a stand against what they view as divisive, race-based ideologies infiltrating American education;

Ø  Advocating for strict voting laws, is not trying to silence voices but to amplify the sanctity of each vote and protection against fraud, ensuring that the cornerstone of democracy—voting—is protected from abuse and manipulation.

Ø  Treading lightly around the idea of social media regulation is not because they endorse all content but because they champion the sanctity of free speech;

Ø  Stance on unions and right-to-work laws isn’t an anti-worker manifesto but a declaration of individual freedom and economic flexibility;

Ø  Resistance to federal funding for abortion services is a moral stance rooted in the pro-life philosophy and that such funding is complicity in a practice we morally oppose, advocating instead for policies that support life and offer alternatives to abortion.

The GOP’s platform is built on the pillars of economic liberty, national sovereignty, and social conservatism. In the end, the Republican agenda invites not just scrutiny but a deeper conversation about the kind of America that should emerge in the 21st century.


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