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Political Activism

All politics begins at the local level. It is from local political party headquarters and locally elected officials that pressure can be placed on State elected officials who in turn can place pressure on those in Washington to hear the people’s voice. It is also typical that those who have served at the local level run for and are elected to State and Federal positions. These locally elected officials will have accumulated a history of their political ideology and positions allowing electorates to better know who they are electing if they take the time to look.

It Is not just the locally elected officials who shape the political environment. Local County Party leadership and resolute volunteers can also have a tremendous impact by working to promote and grow the Party membership with emphasis on underrepresented minorities and young adults. Constant contact and interactions with elected officials in elected city, county, state, and federal level positions to actively encourage their participation in County Party meetings and events is critical.

The County Party leadership must be constantly on the lookout for individuals with the characteristic qualities needed to represent the people with honor and integrity and encourage them to run for public office. During a general election cycle, the County Party leadership must be actively promoting and personally campaigning on behalf of their party’s candidates.

All Republicans and constitutional conservative must come together and work together to assure we prevail in the 2024 Presidential election. If we fail then our Constitutional Republic falls. Very few Registered Republicans are willing to sacrifice an hour or two each month to attend their County Republican Party meetings to stay politically informed or to volunteer at Republican events. Every Republican and Constitutional Conservative must accept the fact that the 2024 election is the most important and critical election in the history of our country. You MUST become involved, or we lose everything!

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