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Pentagon Funding Chinese AI Research And Development

Newsweek has reported that the federal government has awarded around $30 million in grants to a Chinese computer scientist. Song-Chun Zhu, a Chinese citizen, whom Newsweek describe as being at the helm of the communist nation’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) development program reportedly was a UCLA graduate and an AI researcher at UCLA for a period of time.

While at UCLA, Zhu was receiving Pentagon funding for work on AI development for the Pentagon. During his time at UCLA, Newsweek reports that the scientist established “a parallel institute” very close to Wuhan, China where the COVID virus was released. After having worked on Pentagon funded AI research, Zhu resigned from his position at UCLA and moved back to China, where he began conducting military-based AI research for the Chinese Communist Party.

Newsweek points out that the nature of his work and the potential conflicts of interest it could pose were reported to American intelligence agencies. According to the Newsweek, while most of his grants were awarded while he was in the U.S. working at UCLA, he still received funding after having arrived back in China and was working on AI research for China.

Newsweek reports that in 2021, while back in China working on military-based research, the Department of Defense continued to fund Zhu’s AI research with two grants worth a combined $1.2 million. The first grant was for the development of “high-level robot autonomy” and the other was slated for “cognitive robot platforms.”

President Trump instituted a ban on Chinese graduate students and researchers with ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s military barring them from American universities. This ban was lifted by President Biden upon his taking the office of President.

Biden’s lifting of President Trumps ban has now provided China with a UCLA AI graduate and researcher into military AI development with U.S. AI expertise and knowledge. Could this possibly be connected to the money the Bidens have received from China?

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