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America’s Constitutional Republic is in a fight for its very existence. Our Republic is mere steps away from being destroyed into a Marxist governing system.

Anarchy has overtaken our once beautiful cities. Daily, we have the murdering of our young on the streets at record numbers, innocent people are beat for entertainment, and protesters are calling for the elimination of our closest ally, Israel.

Gangs of young teenagers are attacking our department stores placing staff members and customers in harm’s way while stealing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise forcing many department stores to close down their business or relocate leaving area residents nowhere to buy necessities.

Our open borders are overwhelming our cities, flooding our streets with violent criminals from foreign countries, making deadly drugs easily available, and allowing for the trafficking of young children into prostitution or drug dealing on behalf of cartels.

The White House is occupied by a President who he and his family are strongly suspected of treason, betraying the trust of the American citizens.

Many members of Congress have ceased to represent their constituents and rather represent their own selfish interests at the expense of American Taxpayers through Omnibus bills and budgets America cannot sustain.

Our federal institutions have been politicalized and weaponized against their own citizens. The Marxist Democrats have destroyed our justice system, destroyed our education system, and neutered our military’s ability to defend our country should the need arise and given the state of the world, that potential is very probable.

The federal bureaucracy has been consistently seizing state rights in order to centralize power within the federal government. And “We the People,” have allowed this tragedy to occur by having become apathetic and unwilling to stand against those who would destroy our freedoms and liberties. We have turned a blind eye to the corruption, criminality, and ineptness of those in our government, choosing rather to stay in our safe zones or on the sideline doing nothing.

“America Needs You” more today than ever before. We are in a political war to save our Constitutional Republic in the manner intended by our Founding Fathers. We must, at the very least, come together and give our full support to the Republican Party’s nominee for President, Donald Trump.

We must put aside our feelings regarding personality and focus on what President Trump was able to accomplish between 2016 and 2020 in spite of consistent laws suits against his actions to save our Nation. If we cannot come together and support and vote for the only person who can keep this country a Constitutional Republic then we will become a Marxist-Communist Nation.

If you have never been involved with your County Republican Party by volunteering, now is the time to do so to help assure our success in this race to save our Constitutional Republic. Please give serious consideration to becoming active in your County Republican Party, or if unable to do so, provide a donation to help pay for the tremendous cost of saving our Nation.

Please share with your contacts and visit my website at americaninsanity.org and signup as a subscriber and member.

Thank you!

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