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November 2024 - What's At Stake?

The November 2024 election stakes are simple: Law and order to ensure freedom versus lawlessness and disorder without freedom. That message screams aloud across a Nation in distress. The most chilling examples of what is at stake this fall are:


Ø  Illegal Immigrants crossing our open southern border;
Ø  Indoctrination of our children in Public Schools;
Ø  Weak and demoralized Military;
Ø  Out-of-control spending;
Ø  Run-away inflation;
Ø  Out-of-control crime and violence across our Nation;
Ø  Women’s right to privacy in restrooms and locker rooms;
Ø  Boys/Men identifying as girls/women playing in girls’ sports; and
Ø  The list goes on and on.


It’s not only the above-mentioned critical issues that Biden and his Administration are after but under Biden’s Administration all the individual freedoms our Constitution guarantees are at risk if we hand power back to someone intent on being a puppet for backstage want-a-be dictators.


The Marxist-Communist Democrat Party has been conditioning American children for years through our failed federally funded school system to desire Marxist-Communist authoritarian rule over a Constitutional Republic form of governance.


Constant repetition that the abnormal is normal: That’s how the Marxist-Communist Democrat Party authoritarians are paving the path to dictatorial rule. The unending recital of once-abnormal ideas dissolves resistance to the elimination of norms and conditions the citizenry to the relaxation of constraints that should have been in place over Joe Biden and his rogue Administration.


Only someone comatose for the last sixteen years could possibly have failed to see that the Marxist-Communist Democrat Party and Joe Biden’s guiding lights are power, money, self-interest, and more power. What they are obviously missing is a moral code. 


The rogue federal bureaucracy and in particular those government employees in leadership positions feel that they are no longer bound by their oaths to office and no longer feel any loyalty to those they have sworn to serve. In essence, they have betrayed their constitutional oath.


Last Saturday night at the White House Correspondents’ dinner in DC, President Joe Biden paused his presentation to put it on the line with his audience of Marxists political journalists: I’m . . .  asking you to rise up to the seriousness of the moment; move past the horse race numbers and . . . the distractions . . . and focus on what’s actually at stake. The stakes couldn’t be higher.” No truer words could have spilled out of Biden’s mouth; however, his words were meant as instructions to the Marxist-Communist Democrat Party propaganda arm to increase their attacks on Donald Trump and the Republican Party.


So, to all of my Republican colleagues I am restating Biden’s own words: I’m . . .  asking you to rise up to the seriousness of the moment; move past the horse race numbers and . . . the distractions . . . and focus on what’s actually at stake. The stakes couldn’t be higher.”


Now is the time to begin talking with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else you interact with to strongly encourage them to stay engaged and most importantly to vote this coming November.


Please visit my web site: https://www.americaninsanity.org for a Chapter-by-Chapter summary of what is addressed in my book "American Insanity" with the links to purchase my book.

"American Insanity" attempts to address what happened to: The Nation of diverse individuals and institutions which together created—families, schools, congregations, neighborhoods—to advance their ideals and realize their dreams; The Nation that encouraged equality for all citizens and embraced the inherent value of every single human being God creates—born and unborn;

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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
May 03
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LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
May 03
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