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Today, Speaker Mike Johnson has shown that he is not the strong committed conservative leader that we so desperately need, had expected, and had hoped he would be that person.

House Speaker Johnson has just give-in to the Marxist Democrat Party budget demands in order to avoid a government shutdown which was the only leverage he had available to him to, not only reduce spending but to get our southern border secured.

This budget aligns with the budget established last year between President Biden and the then-Republican House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy which cost him his Speakership.

As can be expected, this budget is not sitting well with conservative members within the House, who had been expecting the Speaker to hold fast on spending reductions and stronger border security measures.

Also, as can be expected, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel, and President Biden are ecstatic.

House Speaker Mike Johnson commended the agreement for its provisions for veterans and reductions to IRS funding and COVID relief funds. While acknowledging that the spending parameters may not satisfy all stakeholders, Speaker Johnson stated that he remained optimistic about future opportunities to advocate for additional policy provisions and fiscal reductions.

Unfortunately for the United States, by then our whole country will have been devastated by illegal immigrants and we will be pushing $40 trillion in debt. What is there to be optimistic about, because whatever it is, it's beyond my comprehension.

At this point, it's beginning to feel like conservative patriots, who do not want to see their Nation's culture and heritage diluted by illegal immigrants unwilling to assimilate, and the bankrupting of our Nation through excessive unconstitutional Marxist spending, are not ever going to get the strong conservative leadership our Nation desperately needs to survive.

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Janet Presson
Janet Presson
Jan 12
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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Jan 11
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Among the pedophiles in Congress, we apparently have many compromised cowards. Well, I’ll be working on our taxes soon for Taxation Without Representation, illegals, Ukraine, crooked politicians’ salaries, Trans parades in Africa and more. We’re being forced into Marxism. This has to stop.

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