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Let us all pray!

We are still a little over ten months away from the 2024 presidential elections and one cannot help but wonder if our Constitutional Republic can survive until then.

The attacks and attempts to destroy our heritage, culture, and form of government are increasing as we get closer to the elections. The Marxist-Communist Democrats and their RINO enablers are completely ignoring the will of the people in order to transform our Nation into a living hell. A place where due process no longer exists, federal agencies have been weaponized against those they were created to protect and serve, and actions are being taken by the communist administration to implement means and methods to spy on our every movement and action of American citizens.

It is so angering to know that in a Nation of 333 plus million citizens that a single individual or a group of less than a couple hundred individuals can dictate what impactful legislation can or cannot be past, what unconstitutional and illegal actions will be impose upon us through Executive Orders, what personal information can or cannot remain personal, and what burdens we must suffer to appease the corrupt ambitions of those who were elected to serve and represent us.

One man and his acolytes are allowing our Nation to be invaded by millions of illegal immigrants in spite of their knowledge that the vast majority of Americans strongly oppose this action.

One man and his acolytes have decided to shut down the life blood of our Nation, oil, in spite of the destructive financial impact this is having on businesses and citizens alike. Done in spite of their knowledge that the majority strongly opposes this action.

One man and his acolytes are attempting to decided who will or will not be an alternative leader for our Nation and be allowed to run against the sitting corrupt and inept occupant of the White House.

A small group of individuals in Congress are dictating what financial burdens American citizens will have to endure in spite of their knowledge of the unconstitutionality of their decisions and knowledge that the majority of their constituents strongly oppose these expenditures.

And those who are in a position to put a stop to these atrocities are the very same people who are perpetrating these atrocities against us or who are sitting back doing nothing.

In spite of American citizens feeling the staggering burdens being placed upon themselves and their families by these few individuals, which they elected, they continue to reelect the same failed and corrupt individuals over and over again.

One cannot help but wonder if these individuals have the intellectual ability to understand that is they who are responsible for their hardships and the hardships they have placed upon their family, friends, neighbors, and our Nation as a whole.

Will the 2024 elections be any different? Have these ignorant and uninformed citizens finally suffered enough that they are beginning to understand that it is they and they alone who can change the lifestyle they are living to a lifestyle that they dream about “The American Dream?”

If the citizens of the United States still do not understand what is happening to our Nation by November of 2024, then America will cease to be the Nation of hope, possibilities, dreams that can come true, freedom, and the beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

Let us all pray with all our hearts that all Americans now see the peril we are in and take the time to vote and vote out all the evil and corruption that has befallen our once great Nation.

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