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Is This America's Last Stand?

America is a Nation of diverse citizens who were once united under one flag and one Constitution. That America has since lost its moral, legal, and Constitutional way of governing.

As a Nation which should be the beacon of hope to all other Nation’s, this loss is not acceptable either as a land of wealth, liberty and freedom nor as a superpower among the Nations of this world.

Yet, our Nation is facing levels of homelessness, economic instability, education crisis, violent crimes, corruption, lack of care for our veterans, and lack of access to affordable healthcare never experienced since the great depression.

It is understood that to avoid these situations in America, we need a strong and formidable presence on the foreign front. It was a combination of our domestic policies, foreign policy, a strong unwavering military, and citizen involvement in our governance that allowed America to be the greatest Nation on Earth.

Today’s economic inflation puts our citizens in a position which requires them to place their full attention on making a livable wage, keeping food on the table and a roof over the heads of their family. This has caused our citizens to not realize the importance of having a secure border to protect us from foreign invaders and the need to assure the funding and manpower to accomplish this federal government mandate and obligation which they are purposefully ignoring.

But all we see are Trillion plus dollar spending bills to support the wars of foreign nations, the building of secure borders in foreign nations, aid dollars to Nation’s which regard us in distain knowing the majority of those dollars will never make it to those it was intended to aid. All the while American citizens suffer.

The level of American frustration and anger has never been so high but is very much warranted. We are a Nation which our Founder’s intended to be self-governing with a federal government that answers to the sovereign states and we the people. Our tax dollars are meant to be expended on the citizens of this Nation first and foremost, not the citizens of foreign nations.

This hits to the heart of America’s problems. We are now being governed by Washington elitist who now regard the citizens and states as subservient to them and American tax dollars their personal piggybank to spend as they desire, not as their constituent's desire.

It seems that America’s leadership at all levels of government are sacrificing American citizens for their own personal advantages. The greed of today’s political leadership is coupled with incompetence and stupidity which is leading to a total collapse of our constitutional-capitalistic society. Candidates are being elected or re-elected in spite of their being unsuited to represent or lead anyone, let alone a Nation the size and complexity of the United States.

American citizens need to understand that “We the People” have been complicit in the corruption and ineptness of our government. It is “We the People” who have allowed this corrupt to grow over the last many years because of our lack of interest in staying abreast of Washington politics and when warranted, immediately call them out and hold them accountable.

America, as a nation, is strong enough to correct course and do what’s necessary to bring America’s greatness back again.

However, to get this done we need three things to happen: election integrity; strong Christian conservative candidates, and the convening of a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution. This last avenue to our Nation’s survival is critical, if “We the People” can succeed in adding just three Amendments to Constitution which will forever change how politicians govern. Those three Amendments include: Term Limits: Fiscal Restraint; and Restricted Federal Jurisdiction.

As a nation we must stop ignoring our problems and begin being a part of the solution to fix those problems. Each one of us can begin by simply going to ConventionofStates.com and sign the petition calling for the convening of a Convention of States and by volunteering any amount of time, regardless of how little, to helping the movement save our Constitutional Republic.


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Mar 26

You are so wise and clear in your diagnosis of what is wrong with the USA, but I am terribly distressed by your advocating for an Article V COS which cannot be limited to any certain items of business. And, as you have so well pointed out, there are few who have paid due diligence to protecting our Constitutional government, and there is no hope that the US Congress would find Statesmen to serve as delegates to a Constitutional Convention. That is what it is.

Congress has never been interested in term limits, nor a balanced budget, and their interest lies only in the opportunity to throw out our Constitution and substitute something compatible to what the Globalist Elites want.


Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Mar 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

We The People are having to RE-LEARN what is it to use our God-given rights, our power.

NOW is the time to be bold, to speak out, join the Convention of States, and to regain our Freedoms.

LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
Mar 26
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