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In God We Trust

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Most know that the laws of the universe, if observed, govern and control matter and continues to develop until it results in perfection of form and strength, or if those laws are disturbed destruction follows.

People of faith also know that in the spiritual world the laws decreed by our Creator, which are to govern mankind in this world, if observed, either consciously or unconsciously, make us grow in spirit and righteousness.

So it is with the nations of the world. All Nations are subject to ethical laws, which if observed means life and survival of that nation, or if rejected means the death of that nation.

Both the United States and its closest ally Israel are continually at war between the evolving forces of good and evil. Forces which either strives to assure the survival of our Constitutional Republic or the demise of our Constitutional Republic and so it is with Israel. Ultimately, our Nations must reach a point of crisis where, face to face, good and evil, justice and injustice must fight until either the right prevails or evil survives.

America has reached that point of crisis in which we will survive as a Republic or fall to Marxist-Communism. America has passed through many crises in our history: the civil war; the great depression; World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, destruction of the World Towers, Iraq and Afghanistan. But never the evil forces facing America today.

Israel has constantly faced the threat of annihilation by Iran supported terrorist organizations such as Hamus and Hezbollah. This past week, Hamus attacked Israel in the early morning of Saturday, October 7th, killing well over a thousand non-military citizens include hundreds of children and elderly people.

Both Americans and Israelites are conscious of the real nature of the struggle in which we are both now engaged. We realize just what evil forces we are contending with and appreciate the exact issues at hand. Both nations can follow the sequence of current events and foresee the effects and results of these events. Unfortunately, at times many citizens hide from their minds and vision the real evil encompassing our Nations and the consequences of those evils.

“God moving in a mysterious way His wonders to perform,” will save our Nations if we begin to bring God back into our lives, our education, our politics, and our governance. “Man proposes, but God Disposes,” and His dispositions are controlled by His own immutable and inexorable laws and inscrutable purposes.

In God We Trust and into His hands we place our Nations' survival.

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