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House In Recess AGAIN

So, how many Republican members of the House got extremely angry with Matt Gatz for his daring to cause the vacating of the Speaker's seat? Almost every one of them and a large portion of registered Republicans throughout the country. Why did Gaetz make this move, because Speaker McCarthy failed to keep his word regarding the commitments made in order for him to garnish the votes needed to win the Seat. McCarthy promised to reduce spending and to get a budget passed prior to the end of the fiscal year. He failed in both of those very critical responsibilities of the House which dramatically impacts every citizen in this country.

Without a budget passed and sent to the Senate, McCarthy called a four-week recess for the month of August assuring that the House would have their backs against the wall when they returned to session which then led to a Continuing Resolution. A Continuing Resolution funding Marxist programs and initiatives at COVID era levels. And Matt Gaetz is the bad guy for holding the Speaker of the House accountable for failing to carry out his constitutional responsibilities and promises? "Come on Man!" The House members were ticked off because someone finally had the courage to stand up and say enough is enough, it is far past time that the members start doing the job they were elected to do, and Matt Gaetz made that crystal clear.

But here's the real rub. During the voting process, members of the House and news talking heads kept repeating the same rhetoric. A vacated Speaker seat meant that no House business of any sort could go on and that was going to be a disaster because there were so many critical hearings going on.

There solution, call a weeklong recess. Time which should have been spent electing a new Speaker was wasted so the members of the House could go home and brood. And they wonder why their approval rating is in the tank. Thank you Matt Gaetz!

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