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On this Christmas Eve, let us all keep Israel and its people in our hearts and prayers. Let us pray that the citizens of the world will recall the promise and pledge made by the leaders of the allied nations, after their victory over Nazi Germany, not seventy-five years ago, that never again would the actions committed against the Jewish people by Nazi Germany be tolerated. That promise is now being broken by the very nations who made this commitment, including America.


Following the horrendous attack on the Jewish people of Israel, by the Iran backed Hamus terror organization, on October 7th, 2023, these very nations are now refusing to support Israel’s right to defend its people and Nation. In spite of knowing the extent of the barbaric actions taken by Hamus and knowing full well that unless eliminated in their entirety, Hamus well never stop trying to violently kill Jews, and destroy and eliminate Israel as a Nation. The UN, leaders of foreign countries, and Joe Biden, are somehow placing the blame for the attack on Israel and calling on Israel to end their defensive attacks against Hamus in the Gaza Strip. Tens of thousands of people around the world are protesting in the streets and on college campuses in support of the murderous and inhuman people within the Hamus terror organization and calling for the destruction of Israel.


These uneducated and misinformed fools have willingly accepted the false narrative being fed to them by education systems and news media's worldwide, that the Jewish people somehow stole the land upon which Israel was formally created in 1948 from the Palestinian people and are therefore occupiers on Palestinian land.


History paints a very different picture. The land of Israel has been populated by the Jewish people since 2000 BC, not the Palestinians. Here is the timeline that supports that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people as designated by designated by Lord Jesus Christ.


1900 BC: Abraham chosen by God as the Father of the Jewish Nation.

1900 BC: Isaac, Abraham's son, rules over Israel.

1850 BC: Jacob, son of Issac, rules over Israel.

1400 BC: Moses leads the people out of Egypt and back to Israel.

1010 BC: King David unites the 12 tribes into one nation.

  970 BC: King Solomon, son of David, builds the first temple structure in Jerusalem

  930 BC: Israel is divided into 2 kingdoms, the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah.

  800 BC: The rise of the prophets, God's messengers.

  722 BC: Kingdom of Israel is conquered by Assyrians.

  605 BC: Kingdom Judah is conquered by the Babylonians.

  586 BC: Solomon's Temple is destroyed by the Babylonians.

  539 BC: Persians conquer the Babylonians and take control of Israel.

  538 BC: The Jews return to Israel from exile.

  520 BC: The Temple is rebuilt.

  450 BC: Reforms made by Ezra and Nehemiah.

  433 BC: Malachi is the end of the prophetic age.

  432 BC: The last group of Jews return from exile.

  333 BC: The Greeks conquer the Persian empire.

  323 BC: The Egyptian and Syrian empire take over Israel.

  167 BC: Hasmonean's recapture Israel, and the Jews are ruled independently.

    70 BC: Romans conquer Israel.

    20 BC: King Herod builds the "second" temple

      6 BC: Jesus Christ is born in Bethlehem

    70 AD: Romans destroy the temple


After that, the Jewish people were captives of the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Crusaders. Through all of these events, the Jewish people continued to live in Israel. There were more or less Jews in the promise land (Israel), depending on the century, but there was never a time when the Jews did not live in the land.


They stayed, they built their communities, they raised their families, practiced their faith and they suffered at the hands of many outside rulers, but they always kept their faith. It is what sustained them then and it is what sustains them now.


In 1948, the United Nations officially established the State of Israel, the nation of Jews on the land they have call their Nation for over 4,000 years. We must remember this factual history and never buy into the misguided propaganda that this land belongs to the Palestinians and that it is they who are entitled to the land and not the Jewish people. It simply is not true. God has always provided a way for his chosen people to live in Israel over the past four thousand years and will continue to do so.

On this Christian holiday of Christmas, as Christians, we must all Pray for the people of Israel.

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