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Heritage Foundation Endorses A Convention of States

The Heritage Foundation has officially released statements announcing strong support for the Convention of States movement. John Malcolm, Vice President of Heritage’s Institute for Constitutional Government, just published a comprehensive report entitled “Reconsidering the Wisdom of an Article V Convention of States.” He outlined three key takeaways: First, the Framers envisioned Article V of the Constitution, which provides for a Convention of States to amend the Constitution, as a potent check on federal power. Second, the grassroots Convention of States movement seeks to use Article V to initiate “a convention for proposing amendments” to limit excessive federal power. And third, such a convention would send a powerful message to Washington that the people are watching and are prepared to reclaim power if it is abused. The Heritage Foundation is one of the most well-respected conservative think tanks in the nation. Their policy experts’ opinions help shape legislation and policies that are being discussed and voted on at the highest levels of government. And after decades of working to promote change from inside Washington, D.C., The Heritage Foundation has made it perfectly clear that, in the words of its president, Dr. Kevin Roberts, calling a Convention of States is the “best, last constitutional hope to save our Republic.” This is coming from constitutional scholars who were previously inquisitive. But after attending COS Foundation’s Simulated Convention and further investigating all possible objections to calling such a convention, these informed and highly educated constitutional attorneys and Senior Fellows are now strong advocates for the Founder’s solution to rein in a tyrannical federal government. There is no longer any room for debate on the merits, legitimacy, or safety of calling an Article V Convention. The time for action is now. We have a window of opportunity to make bold moves in the states, where We the People have the upper hand and are positioned to place limits on federal power. As of today, 19 states have passed the resolution. But with Heritage’s substantial influence now working in our favor, we must double down our efforts to ensure that any legislator who remains on the fence sees Heritage’s scholarly work in addition to Speaker Mike Johnson’s persuasive arguments in favor of calling an Article V Convention.

If we are to take advantage of this significant support and great opportunity, we need every person reading this e-mail, who has not yet signed the petition in support of convening a Convention of States, to go to: conventionofstates.com and do so. We also ask that you seriously consider becoming a volunteer in this movement to save our Constitutional Republic.

Then, please forward this post to all of your contacts. Thank you!

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