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Gun Owners Under Assualt

Last week, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) filed an appeal to the 5th Federal Circuit in our lawsuit challenging de facto waiting periods for NICS background checks on gun buyers under the age of 21.

This new policy is a result of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, also known as the Cornyn-Murphy-Biden gun control package, which passed last summer.

There are several gun control provisions that went into effect with the passage of this law, which Republican Senator John Cornyn—along with 14 other Republicans—pushed hard to help get passed.

These provisions include a ban on using funds to train teachers in the use of firearms … funding for Red Flag gun confiscation orders … limitations on private gun sellers that have enabled Biden to impose universal background registration checks … and much more.

GOA brought a lawsuit challenging parts of this law in Cornyn’s home state of Texas. And in this brief, GOA is challenging the unconstitutional waiting periods this law imposes upon young adults who seek to purchase long guns.

Of course, the anti-gun Left does not want to just impose waiting periods on young adults. They are feverishly working to enact lengthy waiting periods on all firearms purchasers—as seen in certain blue states like California, New Jersey and others.

That’s why GOA is throwing down the gauntlet and working to strike down this waiting period provision which was put into federal law by Sen. Cornyn and others. As our brief states, firearms restrictions and “delays based solely on an adult citizen’s age would [have been] repugnant to the pre-existing right the Second Amendment preserved.”

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