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While radical Democrats and Republican RINOs gleefully celebrate the guilty verdicts delivered last Thursday against President Donald J. Trump, they are overlooking a very critical reality of these verdicts. “We The People” of this great Nation will deliver the final verdict on November 5th of this year. The only legitimate verdict that will bear any real justice that New York’s judicial system utterly failed to deliver.

Through the people’s vote on November 5th, the majority of American citizens will find that:

Ø  President Trump is “not guilty” of any crimes brought against him;

Ø  The radical Marxist-Communist element of our governing system is “guilty” of

selective persecution and prosecution;

Ø  The radical Marxist-Communist element of our governing system is “guilty” of

weaponizing and politicalizing our federal institutions, in particular, the Department of


Ø  The radical Marxist-Communist element of our governing system is “guilty” of

election interference at its worst;

Ø  The judge is “guilty” of holding a Stalinist-style kangaroo court process against

President Trump and his defense team;

Ø  Multiple witnesses in the defense of President Trump were not allowed to testify or

were restricted in their testimony;

Ø  Multiple witnesses for the prosecution lied under oath on the witness stand; and,

Ø  The American people continue to stand firmly behind Donald J. Trump.

Haywood County Republicans and Republicans across this nation must stand in unity with President Trump against the Marxist-Communist entities within Washington, D.C. We must send a clear and loud message to the Marxist-Communist Party, RINOs, and radical left-wing members of the Democrat Party that we are not defeated but that we have only just begun to fight back.



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03 de jun.
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Precisely. The primary concern here is, or should be, how do they keep getting away with it? Time and time again? If they don't win one, they keep coming. With no real backlash that tarnishes their party. When will the tides turn for us? Most of us know why and the answers are across the board. But will it ever end?

03 de jun.
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We win by never ever giving up until both the radical Dems and RINOs are driven out of power.

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