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Government Corruption & Citizen Apathy

Corruption within at all levels of our government is out of control and destroying the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic. This is occurring because "We The People" are allowing it to happen by failing to meet our obligations as citizens of this great Nation to become engaged with our elected politicians thereby giving them free rein to do as they please and treat us as subjects. To save our Republic, as intended by our Founding Fathers, none of us must stay in our safe zones or on the side line doing nothing. Each of us must let our elected representatives know that we are watching and will hold them accountable if they fail to comply with the will of the people. We must make routine phone calls and write letters to our elected officials to question their actions and make it clear that we are engaged and watching. But the greatest means by which we have control over our government is thorough our vote at election time. Unfortunately, a large percentage of American citizens are not willing to sacrifice the one or two hours every two years to vote. Excuses for not voting range from "I'm to busy" to "what difference will it make." These excuses is why America is divided and on the brink of collapse and our politicians are ignoring us while becoming wealthy. Stop failing your fellow citizens and America and set-aside your excuses and get out and vote at all elections, otherwise the failure of our Republic rests on your shoulders.

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