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George Soros is making moves to corner the media market. This Far Left megadonor intends to buy up radio markets.

Soros’ business conglomerate is making it known that Soros plans to by the radio megapower Cumulus Media, a multiple news outlet. Cumulus has more than 400 radio stations nationwide.

This move is just the beginning of a bigger audio buying spree, three people who have been involved in discussions with Soros executives has told Max Tani of Semafor.com.

The Soros Fund Management LLC bought up Audacy in February of this year, which owns more than 220 radio stations from coast to coast—second only to iHeart Media.

In 2022, Soros helped former Democratic groups purchase 18 radio stations from Spanish-language media, Univision, to help them target the Hispanic vote over the airwaves. Many of the stations they bought had featured talk programs focused on the conservative, anti-Communist Cuban American community.

Now, Soros wants to purchase an astonishing number of news media outlets before the November election. Basically, Soros wants to influence the election.

But what would control of the nation’s airwaves by George Soros mean for conservative talk show hosts? Conservatives already see the handwriting on the airwaves.

Radio is about to be owned by George Soros, who just recently scooped up 227 radio stations across the U.S., with plans to buy up hundreds more. Very problematic with the 2024 election season ramping up.

Soros’ purchase of Audacy is another step in his effort to choke American radio with his own agenda and threatens the diversity of viewpoints on the airwaves and has the potential to stifle local news and community-based reporting.”

The one thing they don’t control is you and for the sake of America, you must.

Spread the word about Soros’ dirty radio takeover — and point your friends and loved ones to better news radio and TV networks.

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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Apr 12
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Not to underestimate Soros’ evil efforts, but I believe his radio media efforts will fail. Why? For the same reason mainstream television media is failing. We don’t believe them anymore. We see the truth about communist globalists. We see their repeated false narratives. We see their anti-American, pro-war, anti-freedom, pro-New World Order/World Economic Forum, pro-child mutilation, pro-human trafficking, pro-open borders, etc. scheming ways. We’re on to them. Maybe the 20 million illegals in our country will find favor with Soros, but I doubt it; they are loyal only to themselves.

Freedom-loving Patriots outnumber them. We are informed. We are smarter than they are. And we are relentless in our pursuit to restore our Nation to greatness. We have only …

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