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Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov has provided an understanding of the chaos and insanity unfolding under the Biden Administration. Bezmenov revealed the four steps utilized by dictators to transform democracies into Marxist-Communist forms of governing. These four steps assures that countries’ government are forever “fundamentally change,” as was Barack Obama’s promise upon being inaugurated as President. Those four steps are:

DEMORALIZE:  Re-educate a generation; destroy precepts; attack citizens with charges of being unpatriotic or racist; remove art/statues of the country’s history. This process can take 125 to 20 years. We are at the end of this step!

Ø  DESTABILIZE:  Change foreign relations; change international perceptions of the country; change the economy; change the defense/military. Does anyone else, other than me, see this taking place?

Ø  CRISIS:  Introduce at least six weeks of some type of chaos. This could be food shortage, being overrun by illegal immigrants, another VOVID- variant, rampant and untenable inflation, or whatever Biden’s handlers have in mind. Are we beginning to get the picture?

Ø  NORMALIZATION:  Solve the CRISIS with military intervention; people will be grateful for calmness after the chaos and will accede to the “new regime.” The Biden regime is highly likely to implement this fourth element before November. Just saying!

We are living this nightmare as I sit here in front of my computer. Remember what Ben Franklin stated when asked what kind of government do we have and he replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Do we still have time to save our Republic or is it to late?

One think is absolutely certain, if we don’t win back the White House and the Congress it will be far to late to save our Republic in the next election cycle.

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