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Election Integrity

CNN reported on September 23rd that Smartmatic ,a world leader in Election Technologies, who was suing Fox News and former President Donald Trump’s top allies over their false claims that its machines rigged the 2020 election has been charged with bribery, and potentially rigging the 2016 Philippines election! This charge against Smartmatic will aid those who are currently facing defamation lawsuits by Smartmatic for making accusations that their election equipment had software capable of changing outcomes. It now appears that alleging Smartmatic is a corrupt company and helped rig the 2020 elections is not so far-fetched after all. On Tuesday September 19th, the United States DOJ filed money laundering charges against the former chairman of the Philippines Commission on Elections, Andres Bautista. FOUR unnamed Smartmatic executives are implicated in the case but have not yet been indicted.

The September 22nd edition of the Wisconsin State Journal reported that five Republican lawmakers are moving to impeach Meagan Wolfe as Wisconsin's top election administrator, one week after the state Senate voted to fire her — a vote that is being contested in court.

The GOP representatives circulated a resolution for co-sponsorship on Thursday that calls for Wolfe to be impeached from her post as administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, citing "maladministration during her tenure" and arguing Wolfe "promoted and encouraged" illegal voting behavior.

Also in Wisconsin, the legislation has passed a measure to remove Wisconsin from the national voter database known as the Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC.

The proposal, introduced by Rep. Ty Bodden, R-Hilbert, and Sen. Duey Stroebel, R-Saukville, is similar to GOP-led measures in more than half a dozen other states seeking to stop participation in ERIC due to concerns of privacy of voter information, among other reasons.

GOP criticism of ERIC, which had been largely viewed as a noncontroversial organization, has ramped up recently due in part to claims that ERIC uses voter rolls to benefit Democratic candidates.

In addition to terminating Wisconsin’s membership agreement with ERIC, the proposal would prohibit the Wisconsin Elections Commission or any other state agency from entering into an agreement to rejoin the agency. Similar measures have been proposed in North Carolina and Oklahoma.

To prevent voter fraud, the nonprofit organization compares voter registration data from participating states with federal death and postal records to help states rid voter rolls of people who may have moved or died. Participating states also must send postcards to residents who are eligible to vote but are unregistered.

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