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Destruction Of America

There's a real concern that terrorists have already crossed the United States border, particularly within the group of more than 1.6 million illegal immigrants who evaded Border Patrol upon entry and are unknown to officials, Mark Morgan, who served as acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection during the Trump administration, told The Epoch Times.

"The same terrorists that just carried out the horrific attack in Israel—their hatred and their unwavering commitment ... to do harm to the United States, is alive and well," Morgan stated.

So, I just read another article and fact checked the information provide in that article. Unfortunately, I found the information to be factual. What I learned was the most frightening information I have ever read.

That article addressed just how vulnerable and susceptible we are to being defeated and destroyed by just a small group of terrorists.

Terrorists who may already be in our country with this knowledge, having crossed our southern boarder which we are constantly being assured is closed. These individuals are referred to as got-aways.

Over the last fourteen years, congress has passed two legislative bills which were signed into law by the sitting president at the time. These two bills were supposed to update, improve, and provide security measures to vulnerable infrastructure components in the country.

Two bills costing the American taxpayers over two trillion dollars. I don’t know were all that money went, but it did not go to upgrading and improving necessary security measures to the most vulnerable and potentially devastating infrastructure elements in America.

What is this infrastructure entity which is so concerning? Our electric grid.

There are more than 55,000 transmission substations in the United States, but an attack on just 9 of those substations could plunge the entire nation into darkness, according to a study by the Federal Regulatory Commission that was obtained by the Wall Street Journal. The destruction of just 9 substations would very possibly lead to a boomerang effect on all the other substations causing them to go down.

Getting our electric grid back up and operating would take months if not upwards of a year or more. This shutdown could result in the deaths of upwards to ninety percent of America’s population. Only those skilled in survival skills which would allow them the ability to live off the land will survive, estimated to be about ten percent of the population.

The question begs to be asked. What in God’s name are our elected officials doing? Certainly, they must all know about this deadly vulnerability. If they do, why was nothing done about this deadly situation long ago? We have known since the Twin Towers attack in 2001 that terrorists are looking at every potential vulnerability to destroy America. If they didn’t, then we have uninformed incompetent representatives.

In either case, we are facing a critically deadly situation in which we can do nothing to save ourselves.

God help us all if our representatives do not correct this situation quickly.

Please share with your contacts and visit my website at americaninsanity.org and signup as a subscriber and member.

Thank you!

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LeRoy Cossette
LeRoy Cossette
Oct 24, 2023

October 23rd edition of the Epoch Times.

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