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Chinese Spies Entering US

November 3, 2023

According to the New York Post and Epoch Times, the number of illegal Chinese immigrants arrested at the U.S. border spiked by 1,300 percent, many of them military-aged men, over this same period in 2022. It is also more than a 7,000% increase from 2021, when just 323 Chinese nationals crossed the border.

This record high number of Chinese migrants entering the US at the open southern border has sparked national security concerns within the Biden Administration. Not with Biden, mind you, but with officials within the Administration.

These Administrative official’s concern is over the possibility that spies may be entering in the mix. Are they really so naive to think that Chinese spies may possibly be entering the US through our open border. There is no probably but rather a certainty that spies are entering.

Of course, I can understand these official’s confusion because it would seem more likely that if China wanted to send over spies, they would just need to ask “The Big Guy” for visas for their spies and Joey would produce them. After all, The Big Guy is expected by Xi Jinping to earn the money he has paid him.


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