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Chinese Invasion

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

If you’re concerned about the immigration crisis at out southern border now, your concern is about to dramatically escalate. Illegal immigrants are not only coming from Latin America or other benign countries, but individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party are beginning to pour across our open southern border as well.

The Customs and Border Protection’s (CPB’s) latest numbers on Chinese military age men traveling unaccompanied is on the rise. The agency recently reported that their agents have interacted with almost 45,500 Chinese nationals over the course of the last twelve months. For the fiscal year of 2022, only 28,000 interactions were recorded.

This situation could not only pose a risk to our nation’ demographics but goes well beyond posing a risk to our national security. It is well known within our government’s security agencies that China is more than willing and has in fact been using every tool in their political and military arsenals, to not only spy on the United States, but to infiltrate our military, education system, and high-tech industry.

China and the Chinese Communist Party are our enemies and this dramatic increase in illegal Chinese immigrants is a great national security problem which the United States must address now and by closing their access to the United States at the southern border.

Question now is who will strike America first, the radical Muslims or Communist Chinese crossing our open borders.

Please share this information and invite them to visit americaninsanity.org where they can subscribe and get critical news which Mainstreet media will not report.

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