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Brain Dead Liberal College Students

Hamas knows the importance of useful idiots in their propaganda war, and they have an overabundance of them on our college campuses across this country. It’s like an assembly line of educated ignorant people.

These brain-dead Liberal morons rally around their anti-Israel / pro-Palestinian cause and pressure our own pathetic dysfunctional government to call for a pause in the hostilities. It’s as stupid as when we used to call for a Christmas truce while fighting in Viet Nam. This isn’t a sporting event where you’re allowed time outs. It’s easy to talk stupid when you view this war as a spectator sitting on your comfortable couch in the safety of your living room.

I’m pretty sure that these useless idiots would be singing a different tune if it was someone in their family slaughtered on October 7th by these subhuman savages. Do you know when there’s a ceasefire? When ALL the terrorists are dead, that’s when.

Escalating Hezbollah attacks on Israel show that Iran is not deterred. Why would they be deterred when the Biden Administration is constantly releasing more money to them?

Hamas knew that Israel was going to retaliate after their October 7th attack. You have to wonder why they never bothered building bomb shelters for the so-called innocent Palestinians living in Gaza? After all, as the elected governing party, aren’t they responsible for the well-being of their citizens?

They were able to build a labyrinth of tunnels for themselves to hide out in, but they understand that dead Palestinians makes for good press, and it allows Hamas to make ‘MARTYRS’ out of them - How thoughtful.

The Israelis are pausing every once in a while, to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza while Joey "The Big Guy" sits in the White House trying to take credit and touting it as a cease fire. The Israelis are pausing to let civilians get out of the city. This is also not a ceasefire, no matter how much Joey wants it to be. All Joey (The Big Guy) cares about is his reelection. He couldn’t give a damn about the Palestinians and Jews. They are nothing more than an inconvenience to him.

And then we have rollie-pollie Chris Christie visiting Israel. WHY? The Israelis are fighting a war. They don’t have time to be protecting him. It isn’t like he’d be a small target. He’s risking separation anxiety by being away from the buffet table for any length of time. This want-to-be president failure is making it a photo op while people are dying. Typical politician.

Then there was that picture of Tubby walking around wearing a bullet proof vest and showing the world just how brave he is. I’m sure that image of him inspired the Israeli soldiers to fight on. If Christie can take time away from the buffet table, then they can fight for their homeland.

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