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Biden Will Bankrupt the U.S

Biden’s Budget Drives Deficit to Alarming $2 Trillion, Endangering U.S. Financial Stability.

The federal budget deficit is a critical sign of a country’s financial health. Recent reports reveal a significant change in the United States under President Biden’s administration.

The federal budget deficit has escalated to $2 trillion during President Biden’s presidency, a considerable increase from the previous year. This surge in deficit has happened without the backdrop of war or recession. This raises concerns about its impact on the economy and the financial welfare of Americans.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen disclosed a $1.7 trillion deficit for fiscal 2023. This already substantial figure is significant when considering the $300 billion earmarked for student debt cancellations. This pushed the total to a staggering $2 trillion.

Comparing the current fiscal situation to the previous year offers a startling perspective. Last year’s deficit, when adjusted for similar factors such as student debt relief, was less than $1 trillion. This dramatic escalation within just a year draws attention to increases in the government’s spending and fiscal management approach.

The unprecedented doubling of the deficit can be partly traced back to the government’s inflationary spending practices. It highlights the administration’s response to current economic challenges. They may be prioritizing immediate economic stimulation over long-term fiscal stability.

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